So the primary audience, maybe, is not necessarily a poor black family on the South Side of Chicago. If we get to them, there’s ransom place indy really, really good value in that. They can see themselves in the story, they can identify, and they can feel less alone in this really situation. That’s a good thing, but I think the point is… the system is really inequitable.

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Carson and Bryce’s mom, Lisa Becker, said the boys have learned responsibility by covering their paper routes. They have to find substitutes if they can’t deliver the papers on a certain day, and they have to keep track of changes on their routes. Brothers Carson and Bryce Becker each have their own paper routes in Minneota. Carson Becker has been a paper carrier for more than three years. He said his routine is to get up early to deliver papers, and then catch a little more sleep at home. Newspaper carriers in the Marshall area include both youth and adults.

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I aimed to speak to journalists working in traditional accountability reporting, solutions journalism and engagement reporting. Our stories reach audiences across many platforms, including our website, social media, video, and community events. To reach new audiences, we share our stories with small community papers and with the state’s biggest mainstream newsrooms, in print and over public radio.

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At 90 Days, sources also decide if they would like to be depicted in a photo or if they would like one of a cadre of freelance artists to render them in a drawing instead. And before the story publishes, the journalist will read it back to them, allowing them to decide what to leave in or take out. Often, 90 Days reporters will use an “as told to” format in which the journalist edits an interview to create a first-person account using only the source’s own words. I conducted interviews, primarily by phone, with eight journalists who I thought may be giving these ethical questions some extra thought. I chose journalists to interview based on their type of coverage and sources, their reporting methods and what I knew about their philosophical approach.

Sahan Journal does not offer standard federal holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.), reflecting the diverse preferences of our staff. Instead, all employees are eligible for 4 floating holidays to be used at personal discretion. The ideal candidates will be engaged reporters, with the ability to report and write compelling and accurate stories, as the news occurs. When you have morning newspapers to deliver, it’s just part of the job, area newspaper carriers said. Biden is set to argue that American democracy is "under attack" during Thursday's stump speech.

” In this way, he reminds the source of the risks and allows them to decide what to share and withhold. I also spoke with a non-journalist who has been interviewed frequently over the years, including by me, in his role as a community organizer. He had expressed to me in the past that he’s become hesitant to do interviews, as he must put his own pain or his community’s pain on display and he doesn’t see any help coming back to his community as a result. He agreed to be interviewed to discuss his concerns and recommendations. Numerous practical guides on such interviewing, especially on trauma journalism, I have yet to find a guide that explores the deeper ethical questions of what conditions, if any, make such journalism morally justifiable and not purely extractive or voyeuristic. I’ve also encountered little public record of journalists discussing these ethical questions though I am confident that such conversations happen, whether at conferences or in private.

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As it turns out, the webpage was made by Glass himself, and the person who picked up the tech firm’s receiver was his brother pretending to be the CEO. Of course, Glass was then forced to admit he fabricated the entire story; upon further review, The New Republic determined that more than half of the articles he wrote for their publication contained made-up elements. The Bureau of Labor Statistics came in clutch when it came down to figuring out how the unemployment rate has changed over time. Between 2008 and 2018, this is how the number of news reporters changed.