It can be accessed by desktop as well as web and mobile applications. Koyfinis afreeplatform created by Wall Street analysts who were frustrated that Bloomberg was so expensive and out of reach for most investors. Its mission is to provide powerful analytics to research stocks and market trends which are accessible to all investors. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention our own financial data solution, Benzinga Pro.

Provides a comprehensive overview of a security's issuer, including company description and fundamentals, debt obligations, equities, and related financial instruments. Consolidated financial information for a specific financial instrument, such as a bond, loan, swap, index, futures contract, stock, warrant, option, fund, money market program, currency, or preferred security. Allows configuring service default settings all in one screen, including country/region, primary and secondary exchanges, news sources, and other defaults. Get instant access to video lessons taught by experienced investment bankers.

Allows performing relative valuation analysis on a security against comparable companies or examining the relative richness/cheapness of a bond. Displays a calendar of corporate and municipal actions for a single security, including events such as stock buybacks, capital changes, and distributions. Provides comprehensive earnings trend analysis for a selected equity, including an annual and quarterly breakdown of actual and estimated earnings trends. Allows tracking and analyzing mergers and acquisitions data in real time and easily filter for deals by a range of dimensions, such as deal type, size, and adviser. To be more productive, faster, and more efficient when performing financial analysis or research it’s important to be proficient at using the Bloomberg Terminal. You could, of course, access this through another service, but if you want it all in one place, FactSet isn’t the right choice.

Instead, you can test what you’ve read, come to your own conclusions and never feel like you’re “out of the loop”. Thomson ONE Analytics, formerly Thomson First Call, is an investment research and data service that is widely used in the financial industry. Furthermore, Eikon can use all tweets on a given subject to identify positive or negative indicators.

From charting tools powered by, to an Excel compatible watch list, Benzinga Pro has all the tools day traders need. You can screen U.S stocks by market capitalization, price, and sector. The platform even gives allows you to view a breakdown of a stock's peer group, financial statements, and view essential SEC filings. Comprehensive historical and real-time financial data and analytics, news and insights push the Terminal’s value as the primary source for those who need to know what’s happening now and what might happen next. As India continues to grow, her appetite for information is only going up. The best run businesses demand the best tools, and Indian businesses are turning to the Bloomberg Terminal as they realise the power behind the fully integrated platform.

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In 2018, Thomson Reuters and The Blackstone Group, a leading asset management company, created a firm called Refinitiv that was 55% owned by Blackstone. In January 2021, Thomson and Blackstone sold Refinitiv to the London Stock Exchange Group in a deal worth $27 billion. Even with a vast array of products and services, the Bloomberg Terminal continues to be Bloomberg LP’s core revenue-generating product.

For a free demo and for pricing, contact a member of the Symphony sales team. Symphony provides an excellent and cost-effective alternative to those who want to connect and build communities with other industry professionals. The Bloomberg Terminal, also called Bloomberg Professional Services, is a software system designed specifically for trading desks and financial markets. Pre and post analytics are essential tools to a successful and best in class financial firms.

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This platform essentially connects you directly to a powerful network of users spanning finance, business and government professionals. Bloomberg is a global provider of financial news and information, including real-time and historical price data, financial data, trading news, and analyst coverage. After Bloomberg and Eikon, FactSet and Capital IQ also are popular financial data platforms for professionals. For smaller more personal use, YCharts offers a lite and professional version.

The lack of transparency around Capital IQ’s pricing stems from their product offerings being customized solutions for the customer profile and specific use-cases. The Bloomberg terminal will cost you approximately $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year. Price is the largest disadvantage to the Bloomberg Terminal, with access costing $24,000 per year, per seat. It is Windows-based and compatible with Excel which provides a more simplified view of the data. While Eikon does not post its prices online, an article in Wall Street Prep suggests that you can purchase Refinitiv Eikon for $22,000 per year, or you can get a more stripped-down version for $3,600 per year. We recommend the best products through an independent review process, and advertisers do not influence our picks.

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Provides real-time pricing, market data, and derived data for exchange-traded call and put options for a selected underlying security in a customizable screen. Those who would otherwise buy Bloomberg but want something cheaper. It has a lot bloomberg terminal cost india of the same financial data as Bloomberg but is generally considered to be the lesser option in terms of data breadth. To put it bluntly, it’s what you get junior staff if you want to save on costs while the senior folks are using Bloomberg.

These subscriptions are geared toward individual investors and the YCharts professional service is better suited for small businesses. For individuals who work at largefinancial institutions, the cost of either program is high but necessary to compete. However, for non-profit higher education institutions, government agencies, and small businesses, the costs can be staggering. Bloomberg Terminal is the most expensive among financial data providers, at $24,000 per year, according to the latest detailed analysis of Bloomberg and its rivals by Wall Street Prep. For customers with two or more subscriptions, Bloomberg charges $20,000 per year. By comparison, a fully loaded version of Eikon costs $22,000, and a discounted version costs $3,600, according to Wall Street Prep.

Perhaps even more of a deterrent for some is that FactSet requires a physical installation on each machine, and it is only allowed on two machines per subscription. FactSet is comparable to Capital IQ in terms of scope of data and functionality. Much of Capital IQ’s early strength has been bridged by FactSet, which now boasts its own set of comprehensively scrubbed financial data, estimates and click-through functionality.

You’re on the go and need to access financial data from a variety of computers. While Bloomberg access requires a dedicated terminal and FactSet access requires a software installation on each machine, your Capital IQ account can be accessed from a web browser anywhere. Coupled with its killer app that allows analysts to click back to audit the source data, this feature largely explains Capital IQ’s enduring popularity in the investment banking world. Investment bankers do not use Bloomberg as widely as some of their sell-side peers and buy-side professionals. For example, the M&A team at an investment bank might have a couple of Bloomberg Terminals available, but it’s unlikely that each banker will have their own machine.

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I’m excited about OpenBB's mission to leverage open source to bring innovation and democratize access to investment research. Access BVAL pricing data via the Bloomberg Terminal or as an enterprise data feed at Clients that disagree with an evaluated price can reach out to BVAL’s evaluator team, which will analyze the securities in question and rapidly respond with a detailed explanation or resolve the issue.

bloomberg terminal cost india

I’m looking forward to watching as OpenBB disrupts an industry model that has historically made sophisticated research tools available to only the wealthiest investors. Granular access to pricing tools and industry-standard derivative valuation models, providing maximum flexibility and performance. Drawing on real-time market observations from a wealth of contributed sources, BVAL produces valuations on actively traded bonds several times a day.

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Anyone who’s anyone in financial services connects with clients, counterparties and colleagues on Instant Bloomberg. The Terminal delivers access that no one else can from your desktop and mobile devices. If you gather a room full of traders and brokers and ask them each what their favorite feature is within Bloomberg Terminal, you're likely to get more answers than you can process. Depending on your primary markets and how you use the data provided by Bloomberg Terminal, the software will have different advantages for each user. The proprietary system also gives access to breaking news and provides messaging capability to keep the team in constant communication to strategize or to move quickly when data changes or news breaks. Bloomberg Terminal remains relevant now, decades after its launch — but technology moves at the speed of business, and there’s some ready, and often cheaper, competition.

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Povides detailed quotes, valuation and earnings ratios, peer activity, consensus forecasts, past performance trends, and related news headlines for an equity, equity option, or fund. Visual time series analysis tool used to evaluate a security's intraday price trends for a period of up to 240 days. Allows for analysis of credit worthiness of a debt issuer or specific fixed income security by displaying both current and historical credit ratings from different ratings agencies in one screen. Shows analysts recommendations for a selected equity and allows for monitoring of changes in opinion and analyzing the quality of analyst predictions. Filtered view of the Graph Fundamentals function , allowing for visual comparison of a company's fundamentals with those of other companies, indices, commodities, and economic data.

From providing instant access to a growing network of global finance and risk professionals, to delivering market-moving financial news, reported when it happens, from where it happens. Bloomberg provides tools to help overseas investors increase their local fund allocations — an increasingly important force in developing economies the world over. We chose Koyfin as the best free terminal because it is a reliable alternative to high-cost terminals.