In the past, dailies of the footage would be reviewed- every day during production – the day after. It took considerably more time to process film and the only way to make sure what you shot was correct – this was the way. Once approved – these dailies would then be copied multiple times as Workprints. Remember, your video engineers are the stars of the post-production phase. They’ll apply their technical skills and abilities to the transformation of your raw footage into an attractive, polished visual story. So you need to share your post-production planning documents and schedules as early as possible.

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Essentially, a virtual reality mix represents a full sphere of sound. VR video players have special decoders that tailor the audio experience depending on where the viewer is looking. For example, if a dog is barking to the right of the viewer’s perspective, the sound will come from the right side of the sound field.

Stages Of Post

And so, a crucial step in pre-production involves making the screenplay visual with storyboards. The thing is though, it’s not just important to keep everything and everyone happy on set. Spare a thought for the oft-forgotten, post-production workflow of a film’s creation. However, after hours of hearing dialogue and music, you may be a little too close to a project to spot all the mistakes. That’s why it’s crucial to get someone with a fresh set of eyes and ears to review your project. Retrieving assets remains one of the biggest time drains for many teams.

It takes considerable time, energy, and talent from those who work in post such as Editors, Composers, Colorists, and Sound Designers to shape what they receive into what we recognize as a movie. This is exactly why post-production is fundamental to the filmmaking process, and in many ways, the most magical part of it. It’s where the visuals are put into sequential order, audio is included, and all the other cinematic bells and whistles are added before it goes out into the world as a distributed film. For example, in the 2014 film Godzilla, the credits are shown over footage of previous Godzilla drawings or sightings and are interspersed with shots of the military pursuing the creature. By taking the opening credit time to expand on the history of Godzilla, the audience will enter into the main story of the film intrigued.

Post Production Vs Production

We encourage everyone to stay away from shorthand naming, because it confuses others that look at your footage. For example, if instead of the above naming system for our Green River Kayaking unloading, it was transfered as, it wouldn’t be searchable nor would anyone know what that meant later on. Picture lock is not a process by itself but would better be described as a major milestone. Picture lock means that there will be no more changes to picture. This is why you want to make them sign a document indicating that picture is now locked. Picture lock is critical because this signifies that the editor’s job is done.

Sound Editor

Shane really wanted to beef up the amount of content and drive home more visuals by introducing more video into this new website and build up more video for the Hurlblog all together. With this plan in mind, we had to act fast to get ourselves ready for the amount of content we were about to begin creating, so we started developing a strong plan. The sound designer is tasked with determining the placement of music and effects, as well as finding or creating all the necessary sound effects.

Have a plan for hair and makeup and wardrobe for on-screen talent. Based on your creative brief and storyboard, your next action item is to determine what, exactly, you’ll need to make this project happen and what it will cost. What are the costs of the camera, lighting, power, and accessories equipment you need to shoot the video?

This way the dubbing artist or person writing out the subtitles knows where to put your dialogue on screen. When the pre-recorded sound from set doesn’t well, sound so good, foley artists come in and recreate the sound. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a legacy way of transferring files that offers a bit more resiliency than traditional HTTP methods. However, FTP is a two step process – upload to a server, and download from that server to another system. This means that transfer time may be longer than a direct peer-to-peer transfer. Or online, followed by a commercial or subsequent video, and found that the volume between the two are completely different.