While this isn't directly related to your question , if you want to learn how to do some simple file operations in Python, just look up some File IO tutorials. You can easily interact with a directory of files very quickly in a few lines of Python code. For example, if you want to change every txt file's name in a directory to a sequential number. I've used Python/Ruby to rename/change files plenty of times. Install a Linux distro if you don't have one already, and look into Bash scripting.

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Craft stores and department stores have kits designed to assist you in the learning process. You never know, you might acquire a talent and be able to frame some of your work. Pick out a book that would interest your family and have an evening each week that you read the story aloud. Just like in high school English class, take turns reading out loud and stopping after a handful of pages. What’s also nice about some of the bigger and elaborate puzzles is the fact they’re not a one-night activity. If it’s big enough, don’t be afraid to set it aside so that the puzzle can be undisturbed.

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So, choose some backup ideas from the suggestions above and if you get bored with the activity you chose, switch over to sellers engineering something else. That way, you'll never end up disappointed, no matter how long you have at home. Earning a degree at an online university, for instance, isn't really something you do for an hour on the one Sunday you have free for the next six months.

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During the wrapping, you can use this opportunity to be thinking of the joy your purchase will bring to a little girl or boy. Host an evening where everyone has to dress up in a costume. (Some costume ideas here!) Eat your dinner that evening all dressed up too.

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The results of your collaboration will be so exciting to view and play. Invent your own code and write messages to each other. Take the alphabet and transform it into symbols and signs to represent each letter. Once it is created, give everyone a copy of the code, and begin writing messages to one another. It will be interesting to translate words into the special code you made.

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That tree will outlast you, no matter how many more days you have in that home. You can't go to Fiji today, but you can remember the last time you were there. It's fancy and impression and surprisingly fun to learn. Whether you're training for a marathon or trying to start working out for the first time, this is always useful.

You can also network, make contacts, and begin marketing your business from home. Finally, I find writing a very therapeutic and rewarding experience. It does not start that way, but you reap the rewards through creative expression as you become more skilled and proficient at it. Beyond mental advantages, learning a foreign language can give a deeper knowledge of other countries economies and cultures. Understanding Mandarin can help you learn how Chinese people think, for example. Speaking a foreign language is a critical job skill in today’s interconnected world.