The CEH exam tests on the knowledge of security threats, risks and countermeasures. The exam course is led through instructor training, video lectures, self-study courses and hands-on labs for information security professionals. More experienced professionals may sit for the exam without needing to participate in the training courses, and they are able to do this by submitting record of at least two years of cybersecurity or related experience.

Over the last few years, the financial services sector has been hiring cybersecurity professionals almost as fast as government contractors. Since the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, regulations have forced financial institutions to reconsider how they manage cybersecurity—which in turn has opened new job opportunities for ethical hackers. The GIAC Penetration Tester certification is a professional-level credential offered by the Global Information Assurance Certification program. The GPEN certification demonstrates that candidates have the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct penetration testing against network systems.

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For more information about the examination process, please refer to the Examination, Certification, and General Information section below. Enter the IT workforce and gain experience in overseeing network administration, managing security protocols, and analyzing systems architecture.

If you have Python programming knowledge, that's an additional advantage for you. This Online Ethical hacking certification course will help you to learn all the latest hacking tools and technologies. While we recognize there are some great resources on YouTube, certified ethical hacker many informative and entertaining topics are available there, EC-Council does not publish its official training on YouTube, nor do authorized partners. Currently in its 12th version, CEH is a very well-known certification in the cybersecurity space.

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As you complete your training and hands-on labs, the C|EH Engage lets you apply everything you have learned in a mock ethical hacking engagement. This 4-part security engagement gives you a real ethical hacking engagement experience from start to finish against an emulated organization. Using our capture-the-flag-style range, you will complete your engagement by answering “flag” questions as you progress. As you complete your training and hands-on labs, C|EH Engage lets you apply everything you have learned in a mock ethical hacking engagement. Dooey’s CEH certification training course provides you the hands-on training required to master the techniques hackers use to penetrate network systems and fortify your system against it. This ethical hacking course is aligned with the latest CEH v11 by EC-Council and will adequately prepare you to increase your blue team skills. Certified Ethical Hacker certification enables security professionals to identify and understand the potential threats to a system.

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And you must ensure that the certification covers the topics you're interested in. Many ethical hacking credentials are available, so you must choose one that covers the most interesting issues. CHFI certification is managed by EC-Council and is designed as a mid-level credential for IT pros. The exam covers domains such as windows or other operating system memory analysis, mobile device forensics, incident response and more. Holding a CEH will set a cybersecurity professional apart from the crowd as someone with abilities beyond just following established processes. Instead, they are someone that can think creatively about how to stay one step ahead of an adversary.

Ethical Hacking: Cryptography for Hackers

The Hall of Fame celebrates those individuals who have excelled, achieved, and fostered a spirit of leadership among their colleagues and peers within the cyber community. EC-Council, unlike many other certification bodies, maintains its own official training programs. We partner with world-leading training organizations to deliver high-quality C|EH courses across the world through our Authorized Training Center program. We instill rigorous requirements into our ATCs based on their instructors, facilities, and the materials they use in delivering our certification-based courses. There are some organizations who claim to offer C|EH training but are not Authorized Training Centers and do not use Official training materials, we label these as “Gray-Market.” Be sure you check with the organization you are buying training from. Ask them for proof they are an ATC of EC-Council and if they can’t readily provide it to you, move on, or feel free to call us for assistance. Our advisors are more than happy to refer you to our great Authorized Training Partners in your local area.