There's also Eloise, a snooty yellow elephant born on the 8th of December. Along with Monty, there's Hans the gorilla, known for having a light blue body, white hair, inspired by a yeti, no doubt. Hans is a smug villager, born on the 5th of December.

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However, the process is a little involved, and it requires you to first invite the character to your campsite. There are other special villagers you can only get through Amiibo cards. New Horizons' March 2021 update introduced several Sanrio-inspired characters who are only obtainable through the Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards. When it comes to appearances, the Regular Villagers rank among the top.

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His name is likely a reference to the pungent Limburger cheese to go along with his stinky motif, and his Japanese name, Rakkyo, also refers to a smelly .... The first step to trading villagers on your island is to get a vacancy. If you already have the maximum 10 villagers, that means you'll need to encourage one of them to move.

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Flooring and wallpaper eventually change, usually depending on how long the villager has been a resident of the town. Unlike the player, they do not have the ability to expand their home. Bob was the first villager to be designed and, as such, appears in every single game in the Animal Crossing franchise. Throughout the years, Bob has remained one of the most popular villagers, becoming the star of many Animal Crossing memes along the way. His half-closed eyes and sly smile compliment his Lazy personality type, and he has the air of a totally relaxed cat that doesn’t have a care in the world.

Once you've invited an Amiibo character to your campsite, you'll need to visit their tent and fulfill a request. Speak to the character and they'll ask for a specific item. Craft whatever it is they're looking for and show it to them. I try to go for villagers that arent the same popular 10. Full breakdown of all Special Events and Visitors - Details on how to lure them to your island and complete exclusive events. Animal Crossing currently has 104 villagers.

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