Considering the normal water sign of Aquarius, you can expect a little more making love savvy than your average zodiac sign. A man with this horoscope will be interested in several things which includes foreplay, devices, dressing up and playing with toys and games.

Aquarius men are known to have got hidden libidinal zones. To tap into this, you may want to discover positions in which your partner holds your ankles.

The G-Whiz is a great example of this. This sex placement uses the woman's G-spot to induce her.

The peach situation is a great choice with regards to Aquarius men. It enables you to get down and dirty while continue to looking good. The trick is a bit more difficult than it looks.

The Kama Sutra is another sexual activity position that Aquarius men are likely to be interested in. In this placement, your partner makes its way into from lurking behind and is situated face straight down with her sides slightly brought up. This can be a very close and full-body experience.

The G-Whiz standing is a ingenious take on the missionary status. It features a woman relaxing her calf muscles on your shoulder muscles. You can also link a a silk filled duvet tie to hers to increase your man's libido.

The twisted amazon is another you to definitely consider. The name shows that this position may be the sexiest of most. It is best to find a partner who's flexible enough to do it.

The ideal sex job for a great Aquarius gentleman isn't just the most difficult one, but the most interesting one. Having a to test out a number of positions to see what your partner is most interested in.