A consonant that is written as part of the spelling of a word without being pronounced is referred to as a “silent consonant” in the English spelling system. The letters “h,” “w,” and “y,” as in oh, cow, and toy, are fifa mobile coins examples of consonant letters that join with a vowel for these purposes and cannot be termed silent. Wordwall makes it quick and easy to create your perfect teaching resource. There are relatively few words in English which contain an unpronounced ‘w’ . The challenge is to help students remember those words. Videos and songs to help First Grade kids learn how to pronounce words with the silent W.

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Study: Silent W Words

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Two other words in which you find an unpronounced ‘w’ are ‘sword’ and ‘answer’. The word ‘answer’ is derived from the Old English ‘andswaru’ meaning a response or a reply to a question. It is interesting to discuss this information with students and the link to ‘swear’ suggests that at some time the ‘w’ in answer was pronounced.

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In most circumstances, we must learn both the pronunciation and the meaning of the word. Let’s look at which letters can become silent and see if there are any trends. An unpronounced ‘w’ is most commonly followed by the letter ‘r’ .

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