I also don't see a reason to limit things arbitrarily to "since Facebook". One thing it obviously does not address is the human element of who you cut and whether they will be “default alive” unemployed in a recession. A huge amount of YC advice in general positions founders as protagonists and employees as NPCs then are shocked people pick Google over their startup offer. Ideally, this person would be somewhat familiar with the startup scene.

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How To Get Into Y Combinator According To The Founders That Did Get In

There are tons of successful companies that received venture funding. explanation That you would double down on your claim that it's just a giant Ponzi scheme beggars belief. The two quarters idea is strong, if it happens all the papers will declare a recession and everyone who doesn't normally keep an eye on the economy will think it's a recession. Some of those will be managers who will decide to cut spending.

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To the Fed the pandemic was an exogenous shock and they unleashed all their tools to keep the economy going. Now they are dealing with the backlash of unleashing all their tools and are making it very clear that their priority is to bring down inflation and they are very aware that they do that by bringing down employment. So encouraging startups to go default alive is very much what the Fed wants right now. Exogenous shock versus endogenous course correction.


The tech industry could benefit if the bill passes. Tech companies have made some pretty ambitious promises in their climate plans, and the act will make it that much easier to deliver on them. More renewables on the grid will make it easier for companies to power their operations without damaging the climate.

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There are companies, including one actually named FounderDating, that have tried doing this before. CoFoundersLab, which bought FounderDating, claims to have over 400,000 members. Founder2be had over 100,000 founders before it shut down in December. It now recommends people to try Stealth, another startup community for founders to find each other. "We realized this is a problem a lot of founders face, particularly internationally," Corbitt said. Qi said that this is the seventh minimally viable product he has built with his team in less than a year, and they are ready to muscle through whatever lies ahead.

The Inflation Reduction Act Is Testing Big Techs Climate Resolve

Have you not been through one of these cycles before? When things get bad, there is nowhere to jump ship to, for quite some time. At each round of layoffs, people reached out to their network and had jobs quickly. If the numbers add up to justify the layoff, then doesn't that mean that in the time leading up to the layoffs the numbers didn't even come close to adding up? I'm not sure the transparency and fiscal competence the company demonstrated to justify its layoffs would dazzle me enough to make me miss the fact that they had overhired by 3x or more. The point is to make a single cut that puts the company profitable, so there is a chance to survive.