FootnotesCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom was retained in a recall election on September 14, 2021. Roughly 12.8 million voters participated in the election. To see the results of the replacement candidate question, click here. Moreover, “throughout California history, gubernatorial recalls have been largely unsuccessful,” Spivak said.

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From a November piece, weeks before the mask-free dinner heard round the world, our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar covered the lawsuit challenging Newsom’s grabbing of executive power brought by Assemblymen Kevin Kiley (R-RockStar) and James Gallagher (R-Bulldog). The Superior Court judge ruled that Newsom’s one-man rule was unconstitutional. The pandemic merely reinforced how corrupt, obtuse, and horrible he truly is. Let’s start with closing wineries during the July 4th holiday a year ago, but not in the County where his own Plumpjack Group of wineries operated? Not to mention the PPP loans his wineries received in the midst of all this, while other small businesses couldn’t even get a dime. No, NBC, the only people scratching their heads are the legacy media that has been carrying Governor Hair Gel’s water for the past year.

Gov Gavin Newsom To Face Recall Election As Republican

We need to look for low-cost solutions to our problems and remember that every dollar government spends is earned by – then taken from – a taxpayer. We need to treat every tax dollar with the greatest respect. In Sacramento, it’s too easy to see every problem as not enough money and every solution as higher taxes. For too long, Californians have paid some of the highest taxes but gotten some of the worst services and results. Before Proposition 13, property owners were subject to huge increases in their property taxes.

The first one is should Mr Newsom be removed, yes or no? And the second question is a list of replacements that voters can choose from. The last time the move was successful was in 2003, when Democratic governor Gray Davis was recalled and replaced by Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who ran as a Republican. It’s a situation very different from what faced ex-Gov. Gray Davis, who was recalled within months of getting reelected in 2002, the only American governor ever to lose his office so ignominiously. He has $5.2 billion to pay more than a year’s rent for almost all Californians who lost jobs to the pandemic.

Flashbacks: Charred California Town No Stranger To Wildfire

To be clear, it's a tax system Gavin Newsom inherited. That said, you know, Newsom has managed the state through an unprecedented series of crises, including the pandemic and wildfires. And the state seems to be on pretty good economic footing right now. So what we've seen over this past year, you know, the rich getting significantly richer while lower income folks, especially in the service and hospitality sectors, they've fallen further behind. And California does try to level that playing field a bit with higher income taxes on the wealthy, and we're seeing the result of that today.

How Does The Recall Work?

Unlike most elections, recall elections in California do not have a set date. For at least the moment, the current one against Governor Gavin Newsom remains to be determined. For at least the moment, the current one against Governor Gavin Newsom remains a moving target. Ballots were mailed last month to California’s estimated 22 million registered voters and needed to be postmarked or handed in by the time the polls closed, at 8 p.m.

On June 10, 2020, then-Secretary of State Alex Padilla approved petitioners' petitions for circulation. The recall petition focused on a variety of grievances, on issues such as sanctuary policies, homelessness, high taxes, and water rationing. Newsom's official response to the petition touted his support for funding education, health care, and infrastructure, noted the State's fiscal health, and warned that the recall campaign was a partisan attack that would result in a costly election.

This is a great example of a smaller area where better policy could help create a more affordable California. Governors of 11 other states faced recall campaigns in 2020. If Newsom is recalled, his replacement will serve the remainder of Newsom's term until January 2, 2023. A regularly scheduled election will be held on November 8, 2022, to elect the next governor. Kiley said he supported eliminating campaign contributions from lobbyists and as governor would refuse to support candidates of either party who accepted them.