The 1970s is what most people consider as the beginning of Contemporary Art and it continues to the present day. Most interestingly, either fewer movements are identifying themselves as such or art history simply hasn't caught up yet with those that have. Philosopher David Novitz has argued that disagreement about the definition of art are rarely the heart of the problem.

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He is currently the artistic director of the Second Guangzhou Triennial, China. Born 1943, a collector of contemporary art who lives and works in Hamburg. Like the American industrialization of food, this is alienating and makes us fat and lazy and greedy. We all want to grow the tastiest tomato, but we don’t have to sell it at Wal-Mart.

The concept of an art era seems inadequate to capture the variety of artistic styles that have grown since the turn of the 21st Century. There is a feeling leucate jet ski among some art historians that the traditional concept of painting has died in our era of fast-track living. Instead, we continue to share our unique human experiences through the medium of art, just as the cave people did, outside of our modern system of classification. Art is considered digital when created by software on a computer platform. The result may be indistinguishable from non-digital paintings, but the process is entirely different, with distinctive challenges and rewards.

Late 19th Century

Rather than present a realistic or abstract figure, the 20th century abstract Expressionists put their own human experience into their work, mirroring human emotions and efforts, though not necessarily human forms. Velazquez created an illusion of space both within and beyond the painting. By including the reflection of the King and Queen, who would be standing where the viewers stand, he includes the space in front of the canvas as part of the composition. He also makes a tribute to the very art of painting, by including himself in action. Another one of his great works is the Surrender of Breda and Venus with a Mirror . Bosch's favored format was the triptych (a three-paneled painting), which he populated with malformed people, fantastic demons, distorted animals, large and oddly-shaped pieces of food and, sometimes, unidentifiable objects.

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Kings, princes, and even popes began to prefer to see their own power and prestige celebrated through art than that of God. The over-exaggeration that classified Mannerism also continued into the Baroque period, with the scenes of paintings becoming increasingly unrealistic and magnificent. Just as in the Romanesque period, Christianity lay at the heart of the tensions of the Gothic era. As more freedom of thought emerged, and many pushed against conformity, the subjects of paintings became more diverse. At the most fundamental level, paintings of the Romanesque period serve the purpose of spreading the word of the bible and Christianity. The name of this art era stems from round arches used in Roman architecture, often found in churches of the time.

Through harmonious proportion and a focus on aesthetics, ancient Greek and Roman art became the foundation and inspiration of all Western art, being the standard to which most European artists aspired, until the 19th century. The artworks of the Greeks were meant to decorate temples and public buildings, to celebrate battle victories and remarkable personalities, and to commemorate the dead. In recent years, technological advances have led to video art, computer art, performance art, animation, television, and videogames. At the simplest level, a way to determine whether the impact of the object on the senses meets the criteria to be considered art, is whether it is perceived to be attractive or repulsive.

Even without considering style and without knowing a work's maker, informed viewers can determine much about the work's period and provenance by iconographical and subject analysis alone. In The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti, for example, the two coffins, the trio headed by an academic, and the robed judge in the background are all pictorial clues revealing the painting's subject. The work's date must be after the trial and execution, probably while the event was still newsworthy. And because the two men's deaths caused the greatest outrage in the United States, the painter-social critic was probably American. Before art historians can construct a history of art, they must be sure they know the date of each work they study. Thus, an indispensable subject of art historical inquiry is chronology, the dating of art objects and buildings.

The internet’s effect on visual content may be the most dramatic shift. In the end, making idiosyncratic and kind choices will still be most critical. Take a trip across the world and back through the ages to experience the art of many cultures and historical periods.

Medieval To Early Renaissance Art

In the east, Islamic art's rejection of iconography led to emphasis on geometric patterns, calligraphy, and architecture. India and Tibet saw emphasis on painted sculptures and dance with religious painting borrowing many conventions from sculpture and tending to bright contrasting colors with emphasis on outlines. China saw many art forms flourish, jade carving, bronzework, pottery , poetry, calligraphy, music, painting, drama, fiction, etc. Chinese styles vary greatly from era to era and are traditionally named after the ruling dynasty. So, for example, Tang Dynasty paintings are monochromatic and sparse, emphasizing idealized landscapes, but Ming Dynasty paintings are busy, colorful, and focus on telling stories via setting and composition.