Powdered formula is cheap and relatively light for your luggage as you’re not packing any unnecessary water. Ready-made formula, on the other hand, is ready to use immediately and offers the most convenient option. I don’t know what brand of formula you use, but Similac (and I’d assume others), have “on the go” tubes of powder formula in 4-oz size. They’re super easy to use, and much less likely to burst open . I traveled with my 6-month old and found it extremely hard to breastfeed him on an airplane – he was just too long.

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We will have to continue this diet at the very least until her surgery in a month but possibly longer as we wait for her to heal from the surgery. There is a liver based formula and a goat milk formula . The goat based formula uses 2 cups, same as cow formula. My son was born premature at 34 weeks and I had to stop breast feeding early.

Our carry-on was full lough beg fishing of food and toys and distractions. While it was certainly more than the magazine and bottle of water in my pre-baby flights, it really was not unmanageable. On our flights with our son at this age, I was much busier. In spite of it being nap time, on one flight home from Cuba my arms got quite the workout as I was a human jolly jumper for pretty much the entire duration. But he was cheerful and relatively quiet, save for some happy squeals, so I was grateful for small mercies.

Formula Feeding Travel Tips

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Flying With Formula

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Allow your hands to air dry or dry them with paper towels. Do not reuse dish towels to dry your hands, as they can harbor bacteria and other kitchen germs. Lots of people consume pasterized milk abnd become sick, too because of the lack of hygiene in the plants.

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If olive oil is labeled as being manufactured or grown outside the U.S., then it almost certainly has hexane . The only safe olive oil is extra virgin California olive oil that was grown and made locally. I was surprised at how many refined oils are used in this recipe. Try taking out some of the more problematic ingredients, such as the yeast and the gelatin. Contact your nearest WAPF chapter leader to find raw milk.

One of the main concerns I had when travelling with baby formula is what would happen if security asked me to open liquids to taste going through security such as the sterilised water. First the good news – the 100ml carry-on limit for liquids doesn’t apply to formula milk or sterilised water. This means that you can bring on enough liquid for baby to last the entire flight. Although more expensive than other formulas, using this formula is convenient and easy to use for your baby during travels. It is sterile, rich in nutrients, and you don’t need to mix it with water before feeding it to your little one.

There is only one company producing fermented cod liver oil, Green Pastures. Otherwise we also can recommend only a couple of non-fermented oils that are listed in our shopping guide including Premier and Rosita. Also shaking the bottle periodically while giving it to the baby to re-mix the oils is essential otherwise you’re left with an oily bottom and my baby doesn’t like that part. I am really happy that I did not gave up with this homemade baby formula.