To safely climb a via ferrata, you need the right equipment. In all events, it is imperative that you know how to use your equipment safely. To help you with this, the sections below explain each and every part of your technical via ferrata equipment. By the way, a via ferrata route is the last place you want to be in a lightning storm! And, as with anything, if you’re not confident consider going with a guide first to ease yourself into the via ferrata world.

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A secure cuff fastening is important as this prevent the gloves from slipping off if your hands get sweaty. The highest concentration of via ferrata routes are in the mountainous parts of Europe. Whether that's the Dolomites, the Julian Alps, the Maritime Alps or the Apuseni Mountains of Romania there are plenty of awesome via ferrata in Europe. Finally the time has come, the summer vacations are here! You want to go out into nature with your children and go on a journey of discovery with them?

Safety And Equipment

The route of Kyrkjeveggen elevates 500 meters to the top. This track contains the dramatic hanging bridge, Gjølmunnebrua. Trondheim boasts a via ferrata opposite the Trondheimsfjord on the Munken mountain, with views of the city. Since 2015 Straumsfjell in Setesdal is Northern Europe's longest via ferrata. The one in Lom starts from 380 m MSL to end in 1524 m MSL, a record in Norway both in vertical metre and for the highest end point.

Printed Guidebooks

Generally, via ferratas are done in ascent, although it is possible to descend them. On this website we use the Fletcher/Smith system as we feel it gives the best coleman insta clip family screen house overall information about a route, as opposed to a single letter or numeral used by most other systems. The grade consists of a number and a letter, the number indicating specific technical difficulty with the letter giving an idea of seriousness.

The mountain rescue service in Harghita county built the route called "Wild Ferenc" in 2016, near Red Lake. Via ferrata Piz da Lech, on the other side of the Sella group climbs the south face of the Piz da Lech above Corvara, a popular half-day route of medium difficulty. An interesting and historic route is the VF Ivano Dibona, involving a traverse of the main Monte Cristallo ridge. The complete route takes about eight hours starting at Rifugio Lorenzi by the top of the Rio Gere lift system. It begins by crossing a characteristic suspension bridge, and trends mostly downhill, passing several World War I fortifications.

Via Ferrata Tour Offerings

For private tours, as time and ability allow, multiple routes can be attempted within the 3-hour tour time. Group tours include 1 route down, 1 route back up, and the bridge. There are 3 easy, 2 moderate – joined by a suspension bridge – and 1 difficult route. Following your orientation, your guide will determine the best route for you. The routes ascend 180 ft and span over 300 ft across the cliff band. The Granite Via Ferrata in Buena Vista is a guided route consisting of ladders, rungs, bridges, and carved steps along the cliffs at the base of the Collegiate Peaks.

You’ll need extra via ferrata equipment to do this extreme route. Book via Ferrata tour with an instructor at 9, 10, and 11 am, a maximum of 40 guests per departure. Rental of via ferrata equipment to experienced climbers without an instructor. On Saturdays, and every day from 18 June to 14 August, the equipment for climbers without an instructor, can only be rented from 2 pm. Otherwise, in the season it may be possible to start before 2 pm .

The route then continues up the wall and actually leads you inside some caves and small tunnels, all the while connected to the strong cable, which keeps you safe throughout the hike. From within the tunnels and caves, you can see out the gaps all the way down to Flims and the lakes. Knowledge of rope technique is essential to climb these via ferratas. They are only intended for experienced and trained climbers.

] via ferrata in Mexico located in the Huasteca Canyon 30 minutes from the city of Monterrey, the largest in Latin America. In 2011 a via ferrata developed by Green Discovery Laos was opened as part of the Tree Top Explorer. Since its opening several other via ferratas have opened throughout Laos. The climb is about 180 m long and takes around 2 hours to return to the parking lot. The other via ferratas in Alberta are on Mount Ernest Ross and on Mt. Norquay. The largest via ferrata in Canada can be found on Mt. Nimbus in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia.

Your sense of balance already has more than enough to fight with. Especially those who venture to higher altitudes should keep a close eye on the weather forecast. In wind, rain and thunderstorms there is danger to life on the via ferrata. If thunderclouds are gathering, leave the via ferrata as quickly as possible. My via ferrata set, the shoes and my additional carabiners I have ordered in the Bergzeit Onlineshop. With a Click on this link you come directly to the via ferrata section.