McGarry House’s services are based on the foundation of understanding what our clients are seeking to achieve, particularly in regard to their investment and job creation activities, but also in assisting them in addressing any engagement issues with Government that they may be experiencing.

We work with our clients to provide this link to government support – driving projects that would otherwise not occur.

Government Grants and Financing
We focus on a select range of government grant and financing programs, and do not try to be ‘all things to all people’. Our primary areas of expertise include: infrastructure, regional development, manufacturing, life sciences and medtech, renewables, and industry and research sector collaboration.

We work with our clients to ensure that their plans are presented in a way where government can fully appreciate their attributes across economic, social and community outcomes.

Optimising the chances of success is also based on ensuring our clients’ activities are known to government. It is important for any funding application to be supported by a tailored Relationship Strategy which highlights the value of the proposed project, and the calibre of the management team that will be delivering.
Government Submissions
Federal and State Governments actively seek industry input on a range of issues. These forums present a key opportunity for companies to put their views to government at a time when they may be looking to make legislative or regulatory changes.

McGarry House works with individual clients and industry associations to assist in putting these arguments forward, and ensuring they form part of a co-ordinated campaign. Change can come slowly, but inquiries by the Productivity Commission, Federal Parliamentary Committees and State Governments are important points of engagement for industry at a time when Government is actively seeking their views. It can often be difficult for a company or industry to seek to effect change where they have not taken these opportunities to put their case forward.